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I design and build aesthetic websites using the latest modern web standards to ensure accessibility to all your potential visitors and customers. I take great pride in each and every website I produce. I can also specialise in particular areas such as interface design, custom functionality coding or consultancies.

To learn more about what I can do for you, please use the links at the side. Alternatively don't hesitate to contact me using the contact form at the bottom of this page if you have a particular question.

Sutton Guest House - click to view more information about this project


Sutton Guest House

Following a major refurbishment, Sutton Guest House felt a new website would complement their business. Photographs of the establishment were taken and all pages were easily customisable by the owner.

PlanetPhillip - click to view more information about this project


  • design & template modification
  • large wordpress CMS
  • large existing userbase
  • visit website »


PlanetPhillip is a specialist games website catering to over 20,000 visitors per month on average. The previous design was replaced by a more modern and functional look, containing the wealth of information available.

Creative Concepts & Designs - click to view more information about this project


Creative Concepts & Designs

A portfolio website for designers Keith and Judi Lanchester, who create wood and paint pieces of art. The site features an integrated gallery and link management options to allow easy administration.

HybridLogic v3 - click to view more information about this project


HybridLogic version 3

Luke's personal website, HybridLogic features as both a personal weblog (online journal) and a test bed for experimental new ideas. Built upon a custom content management system it is under constant development.

SnakeDust - click to view more information about this project



SnakeDust is a socio-political blog with a heavy emphasis on the youth of today. It has been featured in local papers and attracts many visitors. Heavy customisation of the WordPress blog system was required.

Mod Stats - click to view more information about this project



Modstats was an advanced statistics tracking system for Half Life 2 based game modifications. In peak times it received over 10,000 hits a month, but has since been closed. Work included the design and templating.


Services On Offer

I offer a wide range of web-based services. Below are some of the most frequent tasks I perform, with a brief explanation of what each one entails. For a free quote please use the contact form provided at the bottom and list which services you think you may need along with any extra information you feel may be relevant. Alternatively, if you do not see a service you require here or have any other questions, please feel free to send an email and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Page Design

I can create beautiful designs for you using the latest products from Adobe. Support for revisions is possible allowing you to tweak designs until they feel 'just right'. Prices are based upon the complexity and number of designs required.

Template Creation

Taking a design from Adobe Photoshop or similar, I can craft a semantically correct XHTML page which conforms to the latest standards set down by the World Wide Web Consortium to ensure that your page is usable by the widest possible range of visitors. Prices are based upon the complexity and number of templates required.

Content Management System Integration

Taking any page design I can integrate it to use WordPress, the most efficient content management system available. This will allow you to maintain your site without having to touch a line of code. Prices are based upon the complexity of the required solution. Alternatively other CMS or related web applications can be used such as forums or realty listing software.

Domain Names & Web Hosting

I do not provide domain name registration and web hosting, however I can set this up for you. Prices vary largely upon the requirements of your website.

E-Commerce, Forums, Mailing Lists etc...

I can also provide create e-commerce applications for the easy selling of items to your customers along with support for forums, mailing lists and many other applications. To check whether I can create your desired solution please use the contact form below. Please note as well that I do not create bespoke software, I provide support for installing and templating third-party applications.

Optional Extras

Finally I can provide many useful additions to your website such as contact forms, list management options or whatever you wish for. Please specify what you are looking for in your email.


I am an 18 year old student currently living in the West Midlands, UK. I have been designing and building websites for the past 7 years, moving from tables through to semantically correct XHTML designs using CSS for presentation. I have also become proficient in several languages including PHP, JavaScript and MySQL allowing me to create powerful web applications for myself and others.

I see each web design project as a chance to communicate a new idea visually, crafting unique and distinct websites using only the best tools in the industry. Having worked for both local small businesses and design firms based overseas I have built up a knowledge of requirements for todays modern internet.

I have several websites, including; a games website with currently over 100,000 games played, a personal blog where I discuss new concepts pertinent to my chosen field and finally I write on a political blog I co-founded with a fellow friend.


  • Adobe Dreamweaver: Advanced
  • Adobe Fireworks: Advanced
  • PHP/MySQL: Advanced
  • (X)HTML: Advanced
  • CSS: Advanced
  • JavaScript: Intermediate
  • XML: Intermediate
  • Linux OS: Intermediate
  • Adobe Photoshop: Beginner
  • Python: Beginner
  • Ruby On Rails: Beginner


Miscellaneous Information

Why are web standards important to my business?

Recent UK legislation requires that any British website must provide access to users with disabilities including, but not limited to, visual and motor impairments. Accordingly, making your website accessible now will prove to future proof your business while also widening the potential audience of your site which can equate into extra sales potential. A side benefit of this is that search engines are more friendly towards accessible websites, increasing your search engine rankings on sites such as Google.

How long does the average project take to complete?

Depending upon the complexity of a design and the level you wish for it to be undetaken to (design, template or full website) projects can range from less than one business week to approximetly 4 weeks to complete. Please also note that in times of heavy demand projects may have to wait before I can start work on them.

What forms of payment do you recommend?

I recommend PayPal for ease of use and security, however if you are unable or unwilling to use PayPal I can use other forms of payment. More details can be requested through email.

Why don't you list any prices?

Each project is a unique undertaking, requiring different solutions to problems. As such it is very hard to put an overall figure on a simple 'site'. For the most informed decision feel free to email me, detailing what you would like of your website and I will endeveour to provide a free estimate for you based upon these details. Please also be aware that prices and timeframes may be subject to change based upon unforeseen events.

Why do you use the WordPress CMS system instead of a bespoke solution?

The WordPress content management system is maintained by a large team, providing a robust and stable platform upon which many thousands of people have developed their own plugins and additions. As such it makes more sense to build upon the WordPress system, incorporating the extra functionality it affords without having to create a bespoke system, saving both time and money.

Where can I see more of your work?

I regularly update my personal website currently housed at HybridLogic, feel free to take a look around and read more about me and what I've done. I also co-founded the youth politics website SnakeDust which deals with topics relating to the youth of today.